Testimonials for the senior living in Baltimore


“Engaging in personalized therapeutic programs provides residents with the opportunity to experience feelings of connection and joy.” 

"Don’t ever think for a moment that the exceptional care you give, the joy that you bring or the love that you share goes unnoticed."
-The Family of a Decorated Veteran 

"Compass Pointe has such nice Care Aids as well as all of the other staff and people in the building. I have nice neighbors. I like the activities that I go on, but appreciate that I can participate in as many or few that I choose. It’s wonderful that we have it offered right here. Everything is just so nice and handy. You can go down to the dining room to get a meal and mail a letter right on your way! I would recommend this place to everyone!" 

"You all are awesome and I'm very thankful my mom experienced this at this stage in her life." 

"I am so glad that we have exercise programs, such as Tai Chi, here. Not only does it make it easy for us to exercise, which is important, but also it encourages us - and we all need exercise. I get my hair and nails done each week and that’s such a nice treat! I really enjoy the art classes. It has opened my eyes to things I never would have considered myself good at in the past. Now that I have time, I like to sketch. Who knew?!" 

"The people here are just lovely. This is a wonderful place to live and I would recommend it to anyone. I have my apartment setup just the way I like it and I’m free to come and go as I please." 

"This is a really nice place, with lots of entertainment. My favorite thing is the good food to eat- it’s SUPER! Their main concern is taking care of us, and they go out of their way to take GREAT care of us." 

"We had a gentleman singing in the Memory Care Community on a Saturday afternoon. Janet, a resident, would come sit for a few minutes- get up and roam around, come back and sit in another empty chair. This continued for a while. A chair beside Bernie became empty, so Janet sat beside her. She started getting antsy and Bernie took her hand and held it. As Bernie held Janet’s hand, I noticed Janet’s body language change. You could see her begin to relax. When Janet would act like she was going to get up I noticed that Bernie would stroke Janet’s hand and arm. Again, body language- you could see Janet relax. Bernie was like a little Mamma Hen. It was so special to watch the two of them. There was no verbal interaction, but the power of touch and affection- a language in itself. I think it is wonderful that our residents care about each other. It was very special to watch!" 
-Jackie, Compass Pointe Associate

Testimonials at the senior living community in Baltimore

"Find yourself at home in any of our Compass Pointe Communities."